A completely unique stacked 4-in-1 formula to assist 300 systems in the body. For muscular cell-level and energy recovery, cognitive restoration and joint health.

60 capsules.
One-a-day. Take post-workout with a balanced post-workout meal.

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Active ingredients (%RI): vitamin D (500%), vitamin B6 (266%), folic acid (75%), magnesium (19%), Zinc (46%), collagen type II, Chinese club moss.

Hence Zn Mag Stack - Post Workout Post Training Stacked recovery sup


    Zn Mag Stack is our answer to post workout recovery - not focusing on macro-nutrition refeed, instead,

    • Vital Mineral replenishment & muscular recovery*

    • cellular energy balance

    • cognitive rebuild

    • Joint health


    *Our unique formula for slow release, highly bio-available Magnesium & Zinc achieves higher absorption and maximises noticeable benefits from premium mineral compounds, commonly unused due to raw ingredient costs and scientifically proven Vitamin B complex. Allowing Zn Mag to use lower dosage with larger post work out impact!

    The 4in1 comes from the Stack…

    Stacked with Vitamin D3 - for hormonal recovery and cell to cell energy replenishment.

    Stacked with Undenatured type II collagen - for overall joint health and increased mobility

    Stacked with Huperzine A - to Repair and Protect neurological pathways, memory and cognition.

    Zn Mag Stack covers every aspect of recovery, alongside your macro-nutrient meal.

    Zn Mag Stack covers what food can’t - cellular level energy depletion. This little power pill promotes joint health and mobility, with paused cognitive regression. (see below)

    This is a unique and powerful mineral delivery system allowing for slow-release, highly bio-available magnesium and zinc.


    Magnesium: Impacting 300 systems with the body, Athletes are amongst the most deficient.(1)(2)(3)

    Zinc: Increases effective muscular repair, assisting with muscular growth and speed of recovery (4).

    Vitamin B6: for slow release, increased absorption of magnesium and zinc (5)(6)(7).

    Vitamin D3: for musculoskeletal injury prevention and recovery (8). Every cell in the body has a Vitamin D receptor (9) and many of us are deficient.

    Undenatured Collagen Type II: improves joint mobility and supports fullest, fast joint recovery reduced mobility or injury (including physical exertion) (10).

    Huperzine A: Halts brain cell degradation and improves cognitive function & response.(11) Perfect for fast thinking and fast acting individuals


    Take 1 capsule daily with food, post-workout, or any time of day with food on non-workout days.

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