You know you could be doing much better than what your doing, in your running and your life but then that ole voice in your head says nah…

And you don’t follow through.

The belief that maybe you are not good enough to go after WHAT YOU WANT,

To put the training in or oh I can’t have that that’s not for me., id never achieve that, oh i’m so not like him or her!!

They’ve got it all together, Their body is different, they have the best coach, I haven’t got what it takes to be a WINNER!!!, self doubt and poor image about who you are and what your capable are- what a freakin waste!

You see the results you’re getting are a direct reflection of the image you are holding of yourself. Improve the inner image in your inner eye  and the improvement will automatically be reflected in your results!! and the same thought patterns are producing the same results.

Its just the old conditioning holding you back, a perception of who you are, what you are and what you’re WORTH!!!

Is your self image limiting you in your running and life or is it empowering?

What are the messages you hold about yourself in your inner eye? In other words what is your inner dialogue- the constant chatter in your brain talking to you about and your worthiness?

How do you really feel about yourself?

Are you a yeah i’m amazing and awesome OR are you….

Well- I need to improve how I think about myself and my self worth??

Start thinking about the BAD ASS person you wanna become, like really really want to become, not a half measured of what you want because you don’t think you are capable of achieving it? Remember rationalising lies to our mind!!

What traits do you LOVE in other sports women and other successful women that you know, think about the qualities that you think are amazing in them that you could emulate?

Write out a new self image of yourself….

Whats your LIFE MOVIE LIKE? Your sports movie?

ARE YOU A STAR or an extra?

Once you’ve written it out, YOU start living, being, doing like that person who has already GOT IT NOW, in the here and now!! You act and become that person!!!

Sure it will feel weird in the beginning like your some kind of phony, but in the end you are not only going to believe it, you are going to see it and BECOME IT!!!!

Love Holly xxxx

and remember “if i wanna be free i’ve gotta be me”

P.S. If you would like to have a winners image for your running and your life I have a 12 week Sport psychology and performance program for runners and sports

women where we literally change your results overnight!! which is an added bonus included in our running coaching programs to help you achieve your success!!

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