If you don't already know by now you will do soon.... I have Big Boobs!! well for your Fast Female runner yes!! So for me it is crucial to get the right bra and get that "Bounce" to a minimum and well concentrate on the hills and stride!!

Just like your old tennis Shoes, your old bra wasn't meant for running. Sports Bras are designed to minimise the bouncing associated with impact sports and in my case i need a lot of bounce control! The good ones wick sweat away from your body to reduce chafing and keep you at a comfortable temperature..

Athletics are more forgiving for small breasted women because control is less of an issue and the overall priority is comfort. But for women with larger breasts (yep!) need more high tech, supportive bras.

When choosing a bra, try on a few and pay attention to the following:

1. The band around your rib cage should be snug but not stifling. you should be able to breathe freely.

2. The fabric over your breasts should likewise be snug but not really tight. Jump up and down a bit. Your boobs should feel comfortable, and the bounce should be minimal.

3. Look for well crafted seams. This is where most chafing occurs

4. Make sure the fabric is meant to handle activity and sweat. Look on the label to see what fabrics the bra is made from. Steer clear of cotton on the liner, it will keep sweat clinging next to your body. Instead look for a label that touts the fabric wicking properties.

5. Replace your bra when the elastic no longer provides adequate support.

6. If you are a C cup or larger, you might find greater comfort and support with a bra that encapsulates each book separately instead of compressing the entire chest. Two companies that specialise in bras for women with big boobs are Bravissimo & Champion

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