Are you doing things you don’t want to do but your doing them anyway? Are you sick of knowing that you shouldn’t be doing these habit but shit god damn it you’ve done it again! Duh! his could be eating a large slab of cake- you know you shouldn’t eat the cake, your on your diet to slimmer and happier and what happens you eat the cake. Why did you eat the cake? you don’t know.

You know that you that you know you shouldn’t eat the cakes, you shouldn’t be late every bloody time for training, you know you shouldn’t react but respond, you know you should train more in your running and not have that extra glass of wine. you you know you shouldn’t be not stretching day in day out, thinking the same thoughts day in and day out ....your on autopilot with your thoughts, feelings on behaviour, your on a hamster wheel doing the Same god damn thing every day and getting the same results. And still you know how to be better but you don’t know WHY your doing these things…..

Yeah ok ok holly i hear ya but how do i change these things?? Why am i still doing them? PARADIGMS or aka Habits!! old conditioning blah blah blah. Once you know how to change these nasty bastards your whole life will begin to change!!! for good!

Once you are aware of how a paradigm functions you can start taking control of the results you are getting and go after the ideal athlete life you desire!

You  must remember Paradigms are sneaky and will talk you out of doing the very thing that will supercharge you into the life of your dreams and desires.Persistence really is the key here to the door to your freedom where you take charge and responsibility of your life, the results you keep getting and The pathway to your soul purpose and life!!

You see your subconscious mind is Controlling the show– every time you try to force and change the behaviour and say no this time i’m really going to change and force yourself to change the behaviour. unfortunately this is usually only temporary. Behaviour cause results its only a secondary behaviour, its the paradigm which is the primary cause.

We need to have a look at the root cause of why we are doing what we don’t want to do and getting the results we don’t want to have. And then we can have a look at how our subconscious mind has been programmed. As we begin to change the paradigm the behaviour changes and our results change.

I want you to go and sit in a quiet place and really start to think of the results in your life that you are getting that you don’t want and the habits you are doing on a daily basis that you really know you shouldn’t do. Go and plug in a meditation and then pull out your journal……start taking some notes and whatever flows to you and ask yourself these journalling questions…….

Think of any situation where you are not getting the results you want. In as much detail as possible describe the situation…..Now in as much detail as possible, describe the same situation, but in the way you truly want it to be.

Clearly write this description in the present tense. Highlight all the actions you wrote in both descriptions.really think about where these habits have come from. when did they start, what feeling come up when you think about them. was it something someone said, was there an incident in your childhood. What is it covering up for you? what are you not surrendering to? what are you resisting or allowing with these habits?

Write down all your Non productive actions that you are doing on a daily basis either habitual thought patterns or actions that you re doing on a daily basis with your training.

Now ask yourself what productive actions would give you the results you want?

now post me your thoughts and please share them with me by dropping me a message what action steps can you take to change and remake your training & habits?

Remember if you want to be free you’ve got to be you!

you’ve totally got this!!

lots of Love Holly


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