I always remember when i was at the peak of my training back in 2010 i always had the VISION of the race in my mind before i actually did it. How i was going to run, what was going to happen. What it would FEEL like to WIN. The feeling of complete ecstatic happiness knowing that i had busted my ass to get to the finish line before any other woman and WIN. The pain, busting through the mind games that my mind would play throughout the whole race, the EGO mind telling YOU CANT DO IT! to YES I CAN.

The gruelling training that went with it did indeed train me to train my mental muscle as well as the physical. it made me “toughen up” stop being a woos and MAN UP and take the god dam GROWTH, PAIN, LEARNING, AUTO CORRECTING to get to the end result- to win the race- its the goal striving mechanisms we have in our brains you see, we all have one, to grow to EVOLVE just like an acorn has to grow into the oak tree- if we are not growing then well we’re dying)to always be striving to be a better athlete, a quicker athlete, to finely tune my game over and over again through repetition, to step into and always upgrading to the next LEVEL, the next VERSION of ME as an athlete and as a person in all areas of my life.

I learnt the discipline through being an athlete. I learnt that i had to bust out of old shells and old habits to up-level and step into the GAME. It took strength but it was what i WANTED!!!  i had to learn about belief, faith, discipline, learning what worked and didn’t work, visioneering in my minds eye seeing myself as the person i really wanted to be, and stepping into it in the here and now, because thats all there ever is the here and now.

Are  you stepping into the person you want to be? are you doing the things you want to do? are you the healthy person eating the healthy foods and making it a habitual way of living on a daily basis? are you stepping up and doing the training? are you acting as the person who’s already got the dream job? are you ACTING as if before you have made all these conscious decisions and habits ingrained into your way of being, because once you stat to imbed these into your mind and your everyday living and start doing it you will find the energy to do the thing and once you start doing the thing it will will automatically become a new habit in your daily life and all of a sudden you realise you have stepped into that new person, the new you, the one that was there all along, underneath all the old habits, conditioning and behaviours, the person you ALWAYS WANTED TO BE. 

YOU SEE anyone can change your sub-conscious mind and brain will believe anything thats impressed on it over and over again through repetition,  , it takes discipline, it take GUTS, FAITH and BELIEF and and strong WILL-POWER TO CHANGE, to not let the old paradigm (ego-mind) have the power of keeping you SAFE but never growing, into the real you.

You’ve so got this, and i think your ready, to say YES!





Love Holly xxx

P.S, Our running coaching programs are not just any ole run training program theres soul searching, goal setting, fear eliminating, Visioneering, body image shifting, removing old habits and behaviours and THINKING that is not serving you anymore to create the best version of YOU!

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