Aisde from having an increased self-confidence for success in area of life I believe exercise is one of the fundamental key components and core of success and indeed it does bring confidence to the bigger game… You don’t need to be some bad ASS athlete but be your own Athlete, there’s kinda a metaphor to where I’m going with this…….

Exercise makes you STRONG & disciplined it makes you resilient and certainly gives you amazing transferable skills to apply in your business and life like PERSISTENCE, WILLPOWER, FAITH and DESIRE & organised planning …. It’s like when you first start exercising like anything its bloody hard, you wanna quit, that old fear and negative voice saying why don’t you take it easy, what’s the point, and the PAIN we think in getting started but once we start and we get into a new routine of it we start to create a new HABIT AND WE KEEP ON GOING TAKING THAT NEXT STEP TO WHAT COULD BE, and you know what it starts to FEEL good…..why?

because you have stepped outside of your comfort zone, you have started to grow and evolve and become a better version of Yourself. We are all growing and evolving, everybody desires INCREASE in their life, whether it’s more comfort, more love, more sex, more connection, more pleasure, more abundance.

QUITTERS NEVER WIN AND WINNERS NEVER QUIT, if you are not moving forward you are going backwards. that’s not to say not do something that you are not harmony but sometimes we have to do what most people wouldn’t do if we want to have that all round fulfilling successful and happy life that we so called desire.

You gotta break away from the bullshit of that voice the fear based voice you have to start doing before that voice and emotions talk you out of exactly what you WANT to do… don’t be the person too scared to try something different……all you have to know is that you WANT TO.

THIS is why I created my Mindful running retreats all over the world and the UK to use the catalyst of exercise, running coaching and mindset to apply in all areas of your running & life. I get you out of your comfort zone in a place of the unfamiliar to tap back into you, to soul and intuition, a different country a different environment, different people to work with and the benefits of what travel, exercise and cultural experiences as well as the life changing workshops that catapult you into a quantum leap in your running and the athlete you are becoming!

Love Holly xxx

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