Trail running is such a beautiful sport, where for brief moments of time your body can be completely in tune with your mind, emotions and spirit. At that point go with it and it will all feel intuitively right. You see running is energy, it blows the cobwebs away from all pain, problems and daily stress so its not just good for our physical health but for our mental health, a bit like energy healing kinda way, getting rid of old low vibe baggage and throwing it away!

And well yes running raises our vibe to a feeling of YEAH!!!!! I feel amazing!! It produces the feel good hormones which is why it is so positively addictive and I’m a raving fan about getting women into running particularly trail running and getting back to nature as nature is always in harmonious balance .. you never go into the woods and “not feel right” because everything is in harmony and doing its thing. It’s a major de-stresser.

It gives you mental strength, it develops the will (concentration), creates fun goals and challenges to give yourself, long term visioneering and great imagination which we all sometimes seem to lose as we get older. And of course it’s a known fact that it helps us increase our confidence and inner self image of how we perceive our selves and gives us purpose and meaning as opposed to being a couch potato on the couch eating a bag of Doritos. All these learnt skills can all be applied to all other areas in our lives so it’s a win win!

As an elite athlete and a big advocate of getting women into trail running I see a big importance of mental health and how running can bring peace harmony and balance in our lives and really do feel more women should take up this amazing sport and receive its abundance of benefits!

If you would like more information on trail running, want to join one of our trail running retreats, guided runs or would love to be coached personally please don’t hesitate to get in touch and join us here at the Running Queens on the fells!

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