Do one thing at a time

Give each training session your full attention and you’ll get better results. Do not be distracted. I used to make this mistake all the time when i had a million things to do but not actually finish my training week. Prioritise in your diary training as an order of urgency to get them done. then stick to the task in hand until it is done!

Carry a Running Goal Card with you

Write your goal on a card. Read it every morning, every night, and as often as possible during the day. carry the card with you all day. this is because you are training your sub-conscious mind to believe in your goal. if you repeat out loud your goal or read it in your mind it has to materialise. your sub conscious mind does not know if something is real or imagined. whatever you impress upon it on a consistent basis will manifest in form and circumstances and events will move you closer to this goal and you will start to see yourself change.

Train your mind to focus in Running

Take exercises that help you develop your focus, such as training your mind to stay focused on a flame on a candle and stare at it. when your mind starts to wonder bring your attention back to the flame. if you can focus on one thing you can focus on ANYTHING.

Train with a sense of urgency

Dedicate to start training short periods of time of giving everything you’ve got to your traning. Give yourself a timer such as 40 mins and 44 seconds

Plan your training the night before

Dedicate to making a list of 6 most important training rituals to be done tomorrow. Prioritise them and tackle the most important one first.

Eat right

Eating healthy food and staying hydrated will help you concentrate better and refrain you from feeling sluggish! Remember you are what you eat! Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of vegetables, whole grains and high vibrational foods

Turn off all distractions from the outside world

Turn your phone off and email notifications and pin a posit on your office or front door- ive gone training! when people say have you got a minute? what they really mean have you got an hour spare of your time. Learn to say no or have dedicated periods of the day to get back to people.


Whilst you are meditating you’re practicing focus. Follow one our meditation audios and learn to tune into the guided meditation. Studies show it helps you concentrate on other activities. And it brings your intuition and creativity forward.

Listen to some Tunes!

Figure out what music keeps you in the zone to stay focused and stick with that genre.Music that feels good and keeps you in that positive vibration.

Take a Break, have a day off training now and then

Take a break in-between training cycles. chill out with family, go for a walk or relax. Keep your mind clear When you get a distracting thought in your mind, write it down & let it go and get back with the task to handof chilling out!. If you can take a moment and step back and analyze where you are and what you need you can develop small actionable goals to propel you into action in training.

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