How are you using your imagination? are you using it FOR YOU or against you in running? 

Albert Einstein discovered we have 6 higher intellectual Faculties  Imagination, will, Reason, intuition, memory & Perception that if fully developed we can aquire pretty much what we want. As far as we know we are the only living thing on the planet that can direct their energy (thoughts) and create their external world into reality. Everything in this conscious universe has a patterned plan of evolution and growth but it cannot direct its patterned plan, growth and evolution. for example an acorn has a patterned plan to become an oak tree thats all it will ever be an oak tree, if it is put into the right elements.

But you as a human being have the ability to direct your thoughts to what you want, be do and have and it will become your reality if you think those dominate thoughts, have those visions and use your imagination in a positive way by using the WILL and holding that picture in your mind.

BUT get this …..this is where it gets messy, our old programming say for instance when we go to school this amazing faculty is stifled because we are told we are DAYDREAMING when in fact we are imagining. and as we grow up and go through life we don’t really use it properly or develop it. We start using it against our selves, we start imagining the worst, maybe you think you are not good enough to be loveable, maybe you think you are not fast enough to win the race , or have enough time to follow through with your training plan. Or any type imagination that sets off a negative thought or emotion in our outside world.

you see your imagination has set up an automatic failure mechanism within you towards your own misfortune! BUT you can change this in a heart beat by changing your self image, and having the confidence to to apply creative imagination rather than destructive imagination.You just need to become AWARE of how you are using yours on a daily basis in training & life.

you always act and feel and perform in accordance to what you believe is true about yourself and your environment, that is the basic fundamental law of mind. You see your nervous system cannot tell the difference between an imagined experience and a real experience. in either case it reacts automatically to information that you give to it using your forebrain.. YOUR nervous system reacts appropriately to to what you think or imagine to be true.

SO your thoughts and imagination create nervous system responses, you can literally hypnotise your brain towards success or whatever it is you WANT not WHAT you don’t want! so following on from this if our “IDEAS” and mental images concerned are distorted or unrealistic , then our reaction to the environment will likewise be inappropriate.

SO why not imagine yourself SUCCESSFUL in all areas of your running & training and your life? realising that our actions, feelings and behaviour are the result of our own images and beliefs gives us the urge to know more about who we really are and the study of mind science and psychology to gain skill, success and happiness. New happy mental pictures offer us an opportunity to practice new traits and attitudes.

And remember “if i want to be free i’ve got to be me and i better know who me is”!

Top tip 

start visualising 15 minutes a day of a goal, dream or desire that you can see in your inner eye and from an amazing feeling of something you have achieved in the past, bring that feeling of that into the picture and transmute those feelings of already having the thing that you desire now, whether thats more confidence in your running, winning a small race, competing, going on a running retreat or enough time for consistent training etc. A good theta wave meditation will work wonders with this and do this everyday and you will find you will become one with your dream …….x

Lots of Love Holly


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