Sometimes when things are not going to plan in our outward circumstances we find that our faith in believing ourselves and our desires. A little while back i was injured from going running and as you can imagine this upset me to no end and at times because the injury was i long one i thought “IS THIS IT”?? often i would play out the vision i wanted for my running in my mind and past wins and successes in running to keep me sane through those injury days, but i was not determined to quit on my dream of getting back to training, racing and winning.

Its the same in all situations in life, when we are in the thick of building a business and we’ve ran out of cash or we think we may never find “the one” or cannot seem to get to release pounds quick enough and see the end dream figure.

its easy to have faith when we are first starting out on your dream , goal or destination and near the end of a journey ( a bit like a race actually )

But when the excitement wears off and the end of a rough patch is nowhere in sight, things may sometimes appear quite bleak.

When things seem like they’ve come to stand still keep doing your thing and visioning your end goal.Remember challenges and obstacles are a part of every successful journey.

Every person that has gone out to achieve some type of success has had to overcome some difficulties along their path to success. Doing this will help you to break away from your old habits and conditioning and mindset and stick with it.

Instead of going down a fearful bottomless pit thinking nothing is possible, remember that the idea, dream, goal and desire is already in your heart and is already on its way to you. Don’t get discouraged when every voice tells you that you are crazy and give up.

Focus on where you are going and not where you are.The challenge you are facing is not your destination its just a step along the way.

Give all you’ve got to the task in front of you even if you don’t know what is going to happen next.

Here are few things i encourage you to do when maintaining your faith…..

1.Faith is a state of mind affirmations of conscious auto suggestion by yourself to yourself. Place the image faith is vital to accomplishment.So write down some positive affirmations to repeat over and over again so that it goes into the deep recesses of your mind. some of the affirmations could be: – I am Amazing – i am the person i want to be – my capabilities and potential are unlimited. – i am always learning and growing for the better. – i am worthy of all the good things that happen in life. – i see all good things in myself and others -i fill my mind with healthy, loving, prosperous thoughts

2.Every great successes depend upon faith to get started because we cannot see the end of our dreams and desires.Keep reminding yourself the right resources, people and funds are already on their way to you.

3. Act as if it was impossible to fail

4. Start using your imagination, read watch and do things that remind you of that your dream is already out there… Go read some inspiring books, go and watch running races, go and hang out or watch successful athletes in your distance, go on a few treks and Running retreats to get clarity and do a spider-gram of the qualities in a yourself as a runner you look for.

Lots of Love `

Holly xxx

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