I’ve always seemed to have found the answer to every solution in my life by going for a long walk in silence in the woods, trekking a mountain or going for a trail run along the valleys in my local area the Cotswold hills UK.

To connect back once again to SELF. To stop and listen to my inner voice, my intuition, my subconscious mind in its state of REM and my brain using its alpha brainwaves stimulating my free flow of ideas, producing the best creative ones! My mind flashes with tons of inspirations, lightbulb moments and ahhh haaa moments. Its soooo my meditation getting off and out onto the beaten track…….

Seriously who hasn’t ever felt happier and refreshed after a stroll along the beach, a walk in the woods a hike up a mountain or a run in the local park? There is something Soul- searchingly satisfying about being in the great outdoors. Those changing seasons and reflections of ever changing life cycles brings thought to our own lives. Sadly we are becoming isolated creatures in a fast paced technology world, to do lists and a flood of information rushing to our brains at a hundred million miles an hour and a constant loud chitter chatter in our brains we are now in a world where we are feeling a little lost and disconnected with nature, ourselves and a sense of community in the physical. Being in nature is about just BEING, PRESENT & ALIVE!

Walking, hiking and running has always been a healing and therapeutic way of cutting off stress, cutting out the loud ego voice in our head and time to reconnect. In that brief moment nothing seems to matter like the deep slumber of bedtime and our need to “sleep on it” well that’s what exercise and nature does to me… I have to go and “walk on it” and I always know I will get the answer to everything when I get out there in nature and then go back and resume to business, my life, my family with certainty & clarity……Soooo next time you’re feeling the loud chitter chatter, need clarity and an answer to a problem, find that excuse and GET OUDOORS, GO ON AN ADVENTURE, GET TOGETHER!!!

Benefits of getting outdoors, going on an adventure, solo and together:

Reduced mental fatigue

the effects of a natural environment in alleviating mental fatigue. This and other studies have revealed nature’s ability to encourage our brains to take it easy, thus improving memory, attention span and cognition.

Better problem solving

In Nature, the brain is more open to reflect, daydream, tap into an REM state and wonder which boosts creativity. So a stroll or run in the woods before an important meeting or trying to resolve a situation could be a really good idea.

Increased happiness

Green and natural environment improves mood and self- esteem even more so with the presence of water, lakes, oceans you name it makes the positive effects of happiness more noticeable.

Diminished Stress

Helps you slow down and open our senses, giving the Wilderness access to our emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual being. As we do this we begin to perceive more deeply the nuances of the constant stream of communications rampant in any natural setting. We learn to let the land and its messages penetrate into our minds and hearts more deeply.

Boosted immunity

health benefits, especially in the cardiovascular and immune systems, and for stabilizing and improving mood and cognition. We build on those benefits and look beyond, to what happens when people remember that we are a part of nature, not separate from it, and are related to all other beings in fundamental ways.

Nature makes you more creative

Modern multitasking overtaxes brain areas that are involved in suppressing distractions, thinking creatively, and developing a sense of identity.” a mere four days Hiking in nature improves people’s creativity by 50%.

Increased intuition & Better Decision making

Trust your Instincts. Deciding which path to take when no-one to ask means you must rely on yourself. This makes you braver at decision making. Spending time alone in nature will increase your self- awareness about you, your mind and your body can do.

The vastness of nature will comfort you

Appreciate your insignificance and therefore the triviality of past worries or mistakes. Some things you have no influence or control over, just as tress have no power over the changing seasons. blaming others and hold yourself accountable on your venture and in life. Be one with nature which will give you a power and strength- you are part of something Majestic!

“Most people believe that the outdoors is good for us. Now a raft of research proves that time out in nature is essential to our physical, psychological health and wellbeing.’

Increased Health

We’ve long known that a breath of clean air works wonders on our respiratory systems and that sunlight generates vitamin D – the vitamin essential to healthy bones. However, an increasing amount of research from around the world is revealing a host of reasons why time immersed in the natural world is essential to the healthy functioning of our minds and bodies.

“humans evolved in nature this where our bodies and minds work best. All of which suggests that preserving and allowing natural environments to flourish is not only good for planet earth, it’s essential to our own happiness and health.”

Forests calm us down

Time amongst the trees has a proven positive impact on reducing stress levels and lowering blood pressure. Research undertaken in Japan, a country of long working days and high suicide rates, reveals that immersing yourself in the natural world significantly reduces stress levels and wards off depression. In response, Japan’s Forestry Agency has created a network of Forest Therapy trails on which rangers monitor visitors’ blood pressure.

Nature smells good

Our sense of smell is closely linked to the parts of the brain responsible for processing emotion. The scents we inhale have an immediate and profound impact. Trees and plants emit phytoncides – a volatile organic compound and wood essential oil. Inhaling phytoncides slows down breathing and reduces anxiety.

 Remember if i want to be free i’ve got to be me!!

Holly xxx 

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