Discipline is the ability to follow a command and stay consistent on the path to success in any area of our lives and thats all there is to it…..

The athlete that is consistent with their training and shows up every single day

The new healthy eating habits to stay disciplined until we have created a new habit

To learn a new language and staying disciplined until you have learnt it.

the business owner making sales every single day…..

You see unless your really want something you are not going to stay committed, if you really wanted to change you would push past the paradigm holding you back from creating new habits and stay accountable along the course.

It’s a mind game and it only takes 21days to break free of old behaviours that are holding us back. Before before we even start doing the new habits on a habitual basis and then we won’t have to try and make it a habit because we are doing in automatically just like we brush our teeth everyday- we have created a habit!

If you are disciplined you can seriously have anything you want. Everybody that has become successful in area of their life has developed the skill of self discipline.

People with discipline still dislike the things you and me dislike too but they do them anyway. They get up early & they go training instead of hitting the snooze button.

Why do people do things they don’t like doing? Because they know that’s the price they have to pay for success whether being an athlete, a successful business owner or mother.

I’ve never always been disciplined myself but I realised I had to create new habits if I wanted to be successful in my career, as a runner and as a mother!

We can all practice and develop it and the more we practice the better we become.

Here are a few things to get going-

Understand that if you want something in life, you’re going to have to do things differently, then command yourself to do what needs to be done.Begin scheduling your day from the start to the finish. If you have a schedule you’re more apt to do more things you really need to do to get where you want to go.Visualise the image of being successful at what you want to do. Envision a complete shift and proceed to let that vision unfold everyday.

It won’t be easy at first and you may want to find yourself an accountability partner whilst you are working on your discipline AND soon you’ll be able to do what you want instead of just what you think you can do.

Holly xxx

P.S. We have a mindset program included in our running Coaching program where we get to upgrade our whole self image to create a new successful running image to be the athlete we want to become and break away from old habitual patterns that are not serving us anymore…..I’ll see you there xxx

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