Hello! I'm Holly The founder of the running Queens  

As a UK Athletics Coach specialising in Fell and Mountain Running (CiRF) I can offer advice on different aspects of your training for fell and trail running.



I've always loved the Adventure and freedom of running in nature and coastlines and the mindfulness and escapism it has given me in good times and bad. I've always pushed myself to perform better and find new ways to achieve that and my overall well-being, physically & mentally and giving myself new challenges and goals.

I was born in the UK and and after being dumped by an ex boyfriend  I discovered my talent as a runner, gaining speed & winning the county Cross Country Championships and representing my County & Later on being selected for England in Cross-country and trail running.

Along with success, there were also many setbacks. I suffered many injuries during my running career and was sad and unhappy in the Business Psychology Coaching world.


I have worked closely with top Success & Business coach Bob Proctor AND top running, nutritionist and strength and conditioning coaches as well as physiotherapists and by creating my own coaching methodology with all these skills combined, i decided to move across to Trail & Fell running coaching by helping other women as well as myself in the hope that the new effect would eventually help me come back to running. 


I was totally addicted to my new Coaching model and strategy and decided to take it to the next level and try to be the best coach &  athlete I could be in Trail & fell running.!

Learning to run off road was extremely tough, but well worth every Hill & mountain. It was this roller coaster of emotions and battles that gave me the knowledge and understanding of what this sport is all about. I learned that with great self-belief and the will to want something bad enough, you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. I realised that maybe this was meant to be my path in life.

 wanted to create something special, A Community of Women Fell & Trail Running athletes of all ABILITIES, who could experience what i have experienced and learned, but also share in each others successes AND draw inspiration from their performances.

So in 2019, I set up The running Queens. The experience has been amazing and I count myself very lucky to be working with such inspirational Women, from those balancing busy working lives & motherhood with achieving incredible results , who have been winning at the highest level.

Today, The Running Queens comprises of 3 outstanding coaches and many women  of all ages and abilities. What we all share is a passion of the wilderness & Trails and the freedom it gives us as well as the drive to be the best we can be at this fantastic sport.



Meet The Team

Kirsten Nispen


    Nutritionist Coach, she works together with the client to take small, sustainable steps to change. This usually ranges from looking at nutrition, sleep, stress management, and exercise. Every person is different, and needs vary greatly. This is what makes Kirstens job so interesting and a challenge every time. As a Nutritionist she creates a supportive, safe and non-judgemental environment to explore your goals with regards to your health and well-being & Running Goals.

    Matthew Davis

      Fell Running Coach & Mountain Guide and Leader

      Fell Running Coach, Navigational skills Teacher,Mountain Guide and Leader

      Meet Matthew Davis!!! 
      He’s a qualified winter, summer and international mountain leader as well as a qualified fell running coach. His passion is ultras and marathons and hiking 
      He will be hosting our amazing navigational skills & winter skills workshops in 2020 for us and we will be using Harvey maps!!
      We are EXCITED 



      Our mission is to help Trail & Road Women Runners run in the zone, how running plays a role in your life, get into your best shape, and perform at your best, no matter your fitness level nor experience. To do this, we’ll help balance body, mind and spirit for fantastic gains, with minimum chance of injury.
      There are other coaches that focus on the body, and a few that look on the body-mind connection, but almost none that focus on the complete package of body, mind and spirit.


      We help you crack the code to your health, fitness, Soul Purpose and performance, taking your running to a level far-beyond what you ever thought possible. To do this we’ll help bring mindfulness to every aspect of your life, because training’s not just what
      you do when you run. It’s what you do the other 22 or 23 hours that often matter the most.

      So we’ll look at how you eat, sleep, sit, stand, think, walk, and even talk–particularly to yourself. And we’ll help you rewire your mind, supercharge your spirit, and bring each piece into harmony with the other.


      You’ll learn how to sleep better, train better, maximise nutrition, shed unwanted weight and think more clearly than you ever have before. And of course, you’ll learn the lightest, most efficient way to run for your unique body.
      It’s only by looking at our whole selves, rather than just a body or just a mind that we learn how to fully heal, grow strong, or fly along almost effortlessly. Running in balance, you’ll grow healthier, and faster than ever before, WHILE becoming more present, relaxed AND injury free!

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